In Pieces



In Pieces VR was first presented at Gazelli Art House, London, in October 2018.


The work:

In Pieces is an experimental VR installation about the personal impact of politically motivated imprisonment and exile.

It explores the voices of the Catalan political prisoners and exiled politicians, and of their immediate relatives. Their sudden loss of civil and political rights, and of freedom of speech in Spain.

The current version, In Pieces VR, is a Virtual Reality installation that presents the testimonies of Jordi Cuixart, an activist in pre-trial detention since October 16th, 2017, his partner Txell, and Anna Forn, daughter of the former Catalan government MP Quim Forn, in pre-trial detention since November 2nd, 2017.

More info:

The author:

Joan Soler-Adillon is a London based Catalan university researcher and artist. He has worked in several digital interactive works, including installation, performance, web-based projects and interactive documentary.




With the support of:

Department of Media Arts
Humanities and Arts Research Institute