#See You at Home

Authors: Uwe Brunner, Bettina Kadja Lange & Joan Soler-Adillon.

With: Burkart Schwaighofer (Developer); Juan Carlos Duarte Regino (Sound Composition); Max Happ (Installation Production); Stefan Maier (Web Development); Macario Ortega (Contribution Web Page )

22.06.2022, Barcelona
Museugrafia “La irrupció”.
foto: Jordi Play

#See You at Home – The Domestic Spaces as Public Encounter is an interactive and immersive installation about changing the role of the private space in a time of crisis. It is part of an ongoing participatory project that reflects on our everyday domestic life between private and public spheres, and thus on our relationship with living spaces in general. The project consists of a collection of hundreds of three-dimensional documents taken between 2019-2021 in over 40 different countries during the most intense periods of self-isolation and home confinement.

Following an open call, we collected hundreds of videos of private spaces that they converted to 3D objects using the technique of photogrammetry. These imperfect objects (pointcloud images with gaps and unfinished endings) are the core content of the work’s archive, along with personal statements about the time of quarantine and the changing meaning of private spaces in the form of audio pieces and text. 

See You at Home (SYAH) expands on a previous VR work, The Smallest of Worlds (TSOW), taking both its content and the form of presentation to a very different level. As a basis for its content, it uses the same collective archive of private spaces and personal statements. But while TSOW presents it in a non-linear narrative VR space, SYAH is a physical installation that includes 3D-printed objects, plotter prints on the wall, and interactive objects with QR codes leading to 360 degree virtual spaces that visitors can view through the ‘magic window’ feature of their phone.

The installation offers and interesting back and forth between the real and the virtual, not only within the space itself, but also conceptually, as the main visual content is made out of 3D renders of real spaces using the technique of photogrammetry. Thus, the real space (e.g. someone’s living room) was scanned through a video file, then converted into a pointcloud 3D object, then 3D printed, and then visited as a virtual space using the visitor’s phone as they scan the print to enter the VR visualization. Each of these videos (see supporting material) offer a window into the content of the work. 


Additionally, #See You at Home includes the VR work The Smallest of Worlds, since also a VR headset will be found in the installation, thus enhancing the voyage from one world to the other. Overall, the experience of #See You at Home offers a journey within a journey that explores the private spaces as its possible forms develop and change, in a back and forth between the real and the virtual that is both conceptual and experiential.


Selected Exhibitions

 – ISEA2022 Barcelona – Arts Santa Mònica, The Irruption. Barcelona (Catalonia). June 9 to August 27, 2022.

Segal Film Festival. New York (USA). March 1 to 31, 2022.

Goethe-Institut Peking (China). Nov 6 to Nov. 31st, 2021.

ETH Zurich, Department of Architecture (Switzerland). Set. 23 to Oct 29, 2021.



ISEA 2022: See You at Home.

Segal Film Festival: See You at Home

ETH Zurich: See You at Home

Goethe Institut Beijing: See You at Home (Chinese) // See You at Home (German)

Magazin: See You at Home. A lecture by Uwe Brunner, Bettina Kadja Lange and Joan Soler-Adillon

Mosaic: Entrevista amb Joan Soler-Adillon (Catalan) // (Spanish)

ISEA 2022, Barcelona. Main Exhibition at Santa Mònica

Uwe’s page: See You at Home